Keeping Your Parking Lot Looking Professional

3 March 2020
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The parking lot can be one of the most dangerous areas of your business. In addition to the risks of individuals being hit by inattentive drivers, there can also be a risk of vehicles colliding as the drivers are attempting to park. Having highly visible and orderly parking lot stripes can mitigate these issues by making it easy for drivers to know exactly where they can park their vehicles.

Have Faded Paint Replaced

One common mistake that business leaders make is allowing their parking lot's paint stripes to become excessively faded. When this fading occurs, it can dramatically reduce the visibility of the parking lot stripes, and this can lower their effectiveness. Unfortunately, a business may not take the time to have their faded parking lot stripes addressed due to assuming it will require having the entire parking lot repainted. Yet, it is often possible for parking lot striping companies to simply refresh the faded parts of the parking lot. This can be useful when the fading is especially prevalent in one area of the parking lot due to water pooling or other sources of excessive wear.

Avoid Attempting To Paint The Parking Lot Stripes On Your Own

When your parking lot is needing to have its stripes repainted or refreshed, you should avoid attempting this work on your own. It can be surprisingly difficult to paint straight lines on the ground, and this can lead to uneven parking lot spaces. In addition to giving visitors a poor impression of the business, this may also lead to the parking lot being more hectic and chaotic than necessary. Professional parking lot painting contractors will have the tools to be able to quickly paint straight lines on the ground. Furthermore, these contractors can use paints that are specifically formulated for use on asphalt so that the paint job will last for years before it needs to be touched up or redone.

Understand The Type Of Chemicals That Will Impact The Newly Painted Stripes

After investing the resources into painting the parking lot stripes, there are some chemicals that you will want to avoid putting on the pavement as they could weaken the paint. More specifically, deciding chemicals can be extremely damaging to these paints as they are acidic enough to be able to cause the paint to peel, fade or become discolored. Luckily, there are deicing chemicals that are safe for use on painted parking lots. For those wanting to avoid the use of deicing chemicals entirely, sand can be an effective option for limiting ice without damaging the paint.