Why Some Businesses Choose Permeable Pavers Over Asphalt

3 March 2020
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The most common types of materials that are used for a parking lot is asphalt. However, many commercial paving companies are using other materials because asphalt is not the most environmentally-friendly or wallet-friendly option. If you need commercial paving for your property, here are a few reasons why companies are switching over to permeable pavers. 

1. Longevity

Permeable paving has been an option for many years. However, the latest innovations in permeable pavers are the best alternative to asphalt that is available. This product lasts longer than asphalt and is also easier to maintain. It is not as expensive as asphalt. As the name implies, it drains much better than asphalt as well.

2. Affordability

If you need to create a stabilized surface for an undeveloped parking area, a permeable paver can achieve this without the need for a base. This makes permeable pavers less expensive.

3. Safety and Rutting Resistance

Permeable pavers are much safer to drive on because they have better traction, which causes less skidding. The gravel under the pavers does not move like it does with an asphalt parking lot, which reduces the risk of rutting.

4. Drainage

There are many hassles found in parking lots that you might simply take for granted, such as puddles forming. However, a parking lot doesn't have to have puddles. With a permeable parking lot, the water will drain away and eliminate the inconvenient and unsightly puddles. You also don't have to worry about wash-outs or mud zones. 

5. Heat Absorption

Another annoyance of asphalt parking lots is how hot they can become in the summer. This isn't as much of a problem with permeable pavers because they do not absorb as much heat. Part of the reason why asphalt is torn up is that it becomes hot and then becomes too soft. This makes it easier for vehicles to drive or and damage the asphalt. 

6. Durability

Permeable pavers are able to withstand millions of pounds once they have been filled with gravel. One of the challenges with asphalt parking lots is that the weather can have an impact on how much weight the driveway can withstand. But this isn't a problem with permeable pavers. There is less friction as vehicles drive over the pavers. As a result, this causes less wear and tear for a vehicle's tires.

In almost every way, the latest permeable pavers are a better choice than asphalt. Learn more about this material by contacting commercial paving companies.