Why Your Farmer's Market Gravel Ground Should Be Paved With Asphalt

3 March 2020
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It might be time to think about having the gravel ground at your farmer's market paved with asphalt. Here are just a few good reasons to consider doing so:

Reduce the Risk of Injury

One great reason to have the gravel ground at your farmer's market paved with asphalt is to reduce the risk of anyone being injured while spending time on the property. Not only will employees and vendors be less at risk as they work, but your market guests will be less likely to trip and fall or twist their ankles as they walk around and shop.

Asphalt pavement will also reduce the chance that items will get damaged over time. When someone drops something, they won't be faced with the ridged edges of gravel rocks and uneven surfaces. So fresh pieces of fruit won't be as likely to break open when they're dropped and fragile items may be able to handle the impact of a drop on the pavement more easily.

Enhance Convenience for Vendors

Paving the gravel ground at your farmer's market will also enhance convenience for all of the vendors who sell their produce and products there. Instead of having to set portable canopies and tables up on uneven ground, they'll have perfectly even ground to work on. They'll be able to set items and tables up that wouldn't be stable on gravel ground. And they will likely see more foot traffic throughout the day due to a more comfortable walking experience for shoppers.

You can more easily mark vendor spaces with striping paint so everyone knows exactly where they are supposed to set their shops up and how much space they actually have to work with. Gravel grounds are hard to mark, which can make it tough for vendors to know exactly where they should be working.

Improve Parking Conditions

If the parking lot at your farmer's market is on gravel ground, paving it with asphalt will improve the overall parking conditions for your vendors and guests alike. Not only will everyone enjoy a smoother ride, but they will also avoid the risk of damaging their tires on gravel rocks. You should be able to clearly mark each parking space too, which will help ensure that people don't use up too much space when they park so more vehicles can fit into the lot at one time. And an asphalt parking lot won't develop pot holes as easily as a gravel parking lot typically does.

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