3 Reasons To Have Your Paver Driveway Professionally Sealed Once In Awhile

10 March 2020
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Paver driveways are a lot less boring than concrete and asphalt driveways. They can be custom-designed and can hold up well for just as long as other types of driveways. If your driveway is made of pavers, you should be having it professionally sealed every few years or as often as your service provider recommends. Here are just a few reasons to do so:

Protection From the Elements

One of the best reasons to have your paver driveway professionally sealed is to protect it from all of the outdoor elements it will be exposed to throughout the year. Heavy rains can wear your pavers down over time if they aren't sealed. And water can seep between and beneath the pavers, which can make them less sturdy and more susceptible to breaking down over time.

Dirt and debris can get stuck between the pavers during high winds too, which can dull the look of your driveway and loosen the pavers throughout. Having your driveway made of pavers professionally sealed will help you avoid any problems that tend to develop with direct exposure to the outdoor elements.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

A professionally sealed paver driveway should be easier to clean and maintain over time than if it weren't sealed at all. The sealant repels moisture and things like oil so it won't seep in and become almost impossible to get out. By wiping a soiled area with an old rag and maybe cleaning it with a little soap and water, you should be able to get all the oil or other debris up. You should find it easy to sweep your sealed paver driveway to keep it looking nice and new too.

Less Damage and More Convenience

You will find that your paver driveway gets less damaged over time after it has been sealed. The individual pavers won't chip as easily due to wear and tear, which will help maintain its structural integrity and curb appeal between sealing appointments with your service provider.

A sealed driveway made of pavers can be more convenient too, as you won't have to worry as much about chipped pavers and sharp edges damaging your vehicle's tires when you drive on it. So you may be able to wait a little longer before having to replace your tires, which can help save you a little money in the long run.

Schedule a consultation appointment with a residential paver sealing contractor today to learn more about the sealing process and to start planning your sealing project.