Asphalt Makeover Guide to Create Attractive, Durable Pavements with Stamping and Seal Coating Techniques

17 March 2020
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If you are looking for a durable and cost-effective paving solution, asphalt pavements are a great solution. The problem is that asphalt pavement is not always attractive because it might be plain, black, and filled with cracks. Therefore, you may want to know what can be done to make asphalt paving solutions more attractive and durable. The following guide will help you makeover your pavements with stamped asphalt and seal coating finishes: 

1. Tearing Up Old Asphalt or Concrete Pavement to Prepare for New Pavement Installation  

First, if there are existing pavements, you will need to do something with them. Usually, it is better to completely move the materials to update drainage and add aggregate materials. The pavement can be removed with machinery that grinds the materials with a hammer mill to be reused as aggregate. If the materials are removed in large pieces for smaller pavement projects, you may want to have them hauled away.  

2. Upgrade Drainage to Prevent Problems with Erosion, Wear, and Weather Damage to New Pavement 

The drainage of your pavement is also important. Before the new stamped asphalt is installed, talk to the paving contractor about options to improve the drainage. You may want to have curbing, grates, and drainpipes installed with the pavement to help prevent damage from rain runoff, which can cause erosion and damage.  

3. Stamped Finish Options When Installing the New Asphalt Pavement for a More Attractive Solution  

When the drainage and aggregate base have been installed, it will be time to pave the surface of the new pavements. When the asphalt is installed, stamping can be used to create a textured finish that resembles stone, brick, and other masonry materials. These systems can also be designed to aid in the drainage of paved surfaces to reduce problems with wear and weather damage.  

4. Improving the Appearance and Protecting Asphalt Pavements with Colorful Seal Coating Solutions  

Lastly, you will want to add a seal coating sealant to the surface of the pavement. This will improve the appearance of your pavement and can include different colors. The seal coating will improve the appearance of the pavement, as well as protect it from problems with wear and weather damage. Seal coatings will also stop problems with black asphalt stains that get on shoes, cars and other materials that you want to keep clean.  

These are some tips that will help you makeover your pavements with stamped and seal coating finishes. If you are ready to install new pavements, contact an asphalt paving contractor and talk to them about some of these solutions.