Striping Your Warehouse Floors

28 April 2020
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A warehouse can be among the most active and important areas of your business. This makes it necessary for a management team to be informed about their options for maximizing the efficiency of their warehouse operations. While working out of a warehouse, you might consider commercial warehouse striping to maximize efficiency. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you make the decision:

Why Is It Worth The Costs To Have Your Warehouse Floors Striped?

Having the floors in your warehouse striped can be an excellent way of ensuring that workers will know where the various items stored in the warehouse need to go. Furthermore, you can also use the striping to designate lanes of travel, which can be extremely important when your workers will use forklifts or other vehicles. Without these markings, the risk of an accident occurring could be greatly increased, which could fore the warehouse to suspend operations while the accident is addressed.

Will It Be Difficult To Create A Floor Striping Design For Your Business?

As business leaders may assume that it will be very difficult for them to effectively create a plan for their warehouse's floor striping. In reality, this process can be relatively simple. One of the best ways to get a visualization as to how the striping will look will be to use tape to mark where the stripes will go on the floors. Furthermore, you can use computer models to allow you to envision the way the warehouse will look and function once you have the floors striped. Working with a professional commercial warehouse striping contractor can help you with this as they will have the tools needed to help determine the optimal floor plan for the warehouse's size, number of workers, and vehicles that will be active.

Will Floor Striping Interfere With Any Coatings That You Have On The Floor?

To reduce the wear and damage that your warehouse floors will experience, you may have had them coated. This will be able to extend the lifespan of the floors. When you are having the floors striped, this coating will need to be removed so that the striping can be applied directly to the floor. Once the new striping has dried, you can apply the floor coating again. This will ensure the striping is also protected by the coating, which can keep it lasting for years before needing to be replaced. While this can be a major undertaking for your warehouse, it will be necessary to avoid the need to reapply the striping each time that you apply a new layer of coating to the floors, which may could prove to be far more disruptive and costly.