Why You Should Increase The Size Of Your Parking Spaces

29 May 2020
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If you have been curious about how you could possibly attract more customers to your business, you may be overlooking something simple that is right in front of your eyes: parking lot striping. If your parking lot is littered with small parking spaces that are hard to maneuver, it is going to be less attractive to customers than a parking lot with larger parking spaces that easier to maneuver. You can boost your bottom line by having your parking lot restriped to enlarge the spaces. Here are a few ways this can help.

It Can Help to Prevent Accidents

It is important for lots to be spacious so that visitors feel confident as they are looking for a spot and to ensure they don't worry about damaging their automobiles in the process. Small parking spaces may lead to customers accidentally dinging and scraping other vehicles in the lot as they are trying to park. Before you allow your lot to develop a bad reputation for issues like these, which can have a negative impact on your overall business, you will want to have your spaces repainted so they are larger.

It Can Help Discourage Thoughtless Parking

There are some customers who may just want to visit your business. If your parking spaces appear too small, they may take up two spaces to make sure that another customer does not park too close to their car. This is disrespectful, and it tends to take away a space for another customer. If you have decent-sized spaces, this likely will not be a problem for your business.

It Can Help Keep from Deterring Customers

It is not practical for parking spaces in your lot to only accommodate compact vehicles when probably half of the vehicles on the road are pickup trucks, SUVs, or minivans. If a prospective customer visits your business, enters your parking lot, and does not believe that their vehicle will fit into a space in your lot, there is a chance that they will leave your lot and go to another business. To keep this from occurring, make sure that your parking spaces are accessible for all vehicles.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits for your business to increase the size of the spaces in your parking lot. To learn more about having your parking lot restriped, contact a parking lot striping service in your local area.