Paving Your Business's Parking Area With Asphalt

11 June 2020
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Asphalt can be an excellent option for your business's parking lot. However, you may not understand how it can benefit your enterprise overusing concrete. While concrete can have its own benefits, it will often be more maintenance-intensive and less durable than asphalt.

How Can You Keep The Color Of Your Asphalt Pavement Rich And Black?

One of the reasons that your business may be attracted to using asphalt for its parking area will be the rich black color that it will have. This color can help to make your property look more maintained and attractive to customers. In order to keep the color of the asphalt rich over the years, you will want to have it seal coated so that the pigments can be protected from bleaching due to rain or sunlight. Regularly cleaning the pavement can also help as this will prevent staining as a result of oil, transmission fluid and other substances that may leak out of the vehicles that are driving and parking on this surface.

Are There Ways To Make Removing Ice From Your Businesses Pavement Easier?

Ice during the winter months can be a safety hazard for your business's parking area. In addition to increasing the risks of automobiles experiencing accidents while on the property, the ice can also increase the chances that a customer will slip and fall on their way into the store. This problem can be mitigated with asphalt as this material can support the installation of thermal warming systems that will be able to keep the asphalt warm enough for any snow or ice that has collected on it to melt away. While it is possible to retrofit an existing parking lot with one of these systems, it will be easier to have the thermal warmers installed when the asphalt is first being poured.

What Is The Purpose Of Resurfacing Your Business's Parking Lot?

Resurfacing can be a type of repair work that is often advised when the surface of the pavement has suffered relatively widespread but shallow damage. During the resurfacing work, a contractor will be able to actually remove the top layer of the asphalt by grinding it away. Pouring a new surface layer of asphalt on the pavement will allow for these damages to be repaired without leaving unsightly patch marks. Additionally, this repair will be durable, which can be important for businesses that are wanting to ensure their parking areas are able to last for many years without needing to be completely replaced.

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