Recommendations For Your Next Asphalt Order And Project

8 February 2021
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An asphalt pavement surface on your property provides you with a beautiful pavement that will last you many years. When your pavement begins to age, regular maintenance, repairs, filling, and sealcoating will extend its life, but it will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some recommendations to help you order your next asphalt pavement.

Look For Asphalt Recycling Services

Whether you already have an asphalt paved surface on your property or you need to install a new pavement surface, you can opt for a better impact on the environment with recycled asphalt. Many asphalt professionals are combining recycled asphalt and even using it in place of virgin materials for their asphalt projects, so it is easy to find this quality product. 

When you make arrangements for a new asphalt surface, your asphalt professional will create a new hot mix asphalt at their plant with recycled materials that they have removed from an old existing asphalt surface. The asphalt pavement recycler will grind it from its location and crush it into small pieces, enabling them to remove any impurities from the mixture. Then, the recycled mix is heated, and the petroleum additives in the mix soften to make a pliable material they can apply and compact onto your asphalt site.

However, you can also ask your asphalt paving professional to resurface an old existing asphalt pavement on your property and recycle the materials on site. Their pavement recycler will remove the layers of asphalt, grind it and remove impurities on-site, and heat it for immediate reuse on your property. With compactors, they will give you a smooth asphalt layer that has all the properties of virgin materials.

Get a Long-Lasting and Durable Surface

By ordering a recycled asphalt pavement for your property, you will be getting a new perfect surface, but you are also getting some extra benefits from it. Recycled pavement is a stronger material than virgin mix, and it is less expensive to produce. Additionally, its durable surface will also protect the environment because you won't be putting it into landfills, and the environmentally harmful mining process is skipped. Asphalt does not biodegrade naturally, so it will remain in the landfill and not decompose, so you may as well keep it out of the landfill and benefit from its non-degradable qualities.

Most, if not all, asphalt companies can provide a recycled asphalt product. Whether you want to use recycled asphalt for a new surface material or use the recycled material as an aggregate for a fill material in a pavement foundation, you can find a great selection and convenience in recycled materials.