Tips To Update Your Property Pavement To Improve Its Appearance For A Home Sale

2 March 2021
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Your property's asphalt pavement can make a big difference in your property's overall appearance. An asphalt pavement that is uneven, cracked with vegetation growth, and fading in color with aggregate visible over its surface is going to look bad and be reflected in your property's value. So when you are preparing to put your home up for sale, be sure you don't forget your pavement and make updates and improvements as they are needed to give your home an overall boost in appearance. Here are some recommended tasks and updates to improve the appearance of your property's pavement for an upcoming sale.

Take Care of Vegetation Growth

One of the first things that can make your asphalt be in poor condition is the growth of vegetation on the edges and into small cracks that form over your pavement's surface. If you allow vegetation to remain growing through your pavement, not only will it continue to look awful, but it will also reduce the asphalt's condition. Before you realize it, your asphalt will start to break apart and need replacement. 

Take some time each week when you mow your lawn and complete other landscaping care to pull up any weed and lawn growth from small cracks throughout and on the edges of your asphalt. Be sure to pull the root and entire plant from the crack, or use a non-selective herbicide to treat any remaining vegetation you cannot pull from the pavement. It is also helpful to clean out any dirt that has settled in the cracks, as the dirt can promote further vegetation germination through the cracks in your asphalt, which you don't want to happen.

Repair With Patching Materials

After you have removed vegetation growth from your asphalt, follow up by patching and filling these cracks. This practice will improve the surface appearance further and also prevent the crack from growing or attracting vegetation growth. You can patch up a crack that you have cleaned of vegetation to protect it and restore the surface. Just be sure you complete the repair when the weather is warm and dry so you will have the best success for your efforts.

You can also hire an asphalt professional, who will have all the equipment and hot mix asphalt to fill the cracks with a long-lasting material. Otherwise, you will need to be sure to fill your cracks with cold mix filler and compact them fully so you remove any air pockets in the mixture.

Check your asphalt professional about sealcoating your pavement once you have completed the cleaning and repairs. A sealcoat treatment is a great way to restore the color and uniform appearance to your pavement and help your property value.

To learn more, contact an asphalt paving contractor.