Keeping Your Business's Asphalt Lot Maintained Properly

1 July 2021
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If you are a small business owner and you have an asphalt parking lot available for customers to utilize, keeping on top of maintenance is important in order to keep it free of damage and looking its best. Here are some steps to take regularly to keep your parking area in the best shape possible.

Contact A Paving Service Yearly For Evaluations

It is wise to make appointments through a paving service company to have workers dispatched to your property for assessments on a yearly basis. During an evaluation, commercial asphalt paving service employees will check over the stability of your parking lot for signs of wear and damage. If there are cracks, crevices, holes, or indentations present, they will apply a coat of new asphalt over them to fill the areas in so additional damage is not sustained. Consider having a paving service apply a layer of seal coat to refresh the appearance of your lot as well.

Keep On Top Of Refuse Removal

When debris lands upon your asphalt parking lot, it will not only mar the appearance of your property but can also cause damage to occur to the surface. Any spot where debris remains will accumulate moisture. This will weaken the asphalt over time, causing it to become softened and more likely to need repair work due to weight from vehicles and foot traffic. Take the time to walk through your lot at the end of each business day and remove waste as it is found. Provide customers with garbage receptacles along the perimeter of your lot to encourage them to throw refuse away rather than have it land upon your lot.

Patch Damaged Areas Without Delay

If you find spots on your asphalt paved lot where damage is beginning, contact a professional paving service right away to come to your property to fill them in quickly. Failure to tend to damage when it is discovered can cause the spots to deteriorate at a fast rate. If you are unable to get an appointment with a paving service right away, fill in cracks using asphalt cement. This is a temporary fix that allows for the area to continue to be used until an asphalt paving service can get to your business. Be sure to alert the service about your patchwork so they can remove the caulk before they apply a fresh coat of asphalt over the damaged portions.

For more information on maintaining your parking lot, contact a commercial asphalt paving service in your area.