8 Ways to Make Your Asphalt Seal Coating More Efficient

11 October 2022
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Asphalt seal coating is a necessary process to protect your pavement from the elements and wear and tear. It also protects your asphalt from the elements and increases the lifespan of the pavement. However, it can be time-consuming, which is why it's important to be as efficient as possible when performing this crucial task. Here are eight ways you can make your asphalt seal coating more efficient:

Pre-treat the Surface

This can help the sealant to better adhere to the asphalt and will also make the overall process go more smoothly. You can pre-treat the surface with a configuring solvent or oil-based primer. This can help the seal coat to bind to the surface better and last longer which means that you can reduce repair costs as well.

Use the Proper Tools

Having the ideal tools for the job is essential for efficiency. Make sure you have a high-quality sprayer that can evenly apply the sealant. 

Work in Sections 

This will help you to not miss any spots and will also enable you to work more quickly and efficiently. 

Be mindful of weather conditions

Sealcoating works best when it's sunny and dry out, so try to plan your project accordingly. This can help you avoid costly repairs in case your pavement is damaged by a storm or floods before drying up properly.

Use a Cold Weather Additive

Cold weather can cause problems with asphalt seal coating such as premature drying and cracking. By using a cold weather additive, you can ensure that your seal coat will adhere properly and last longer.

Use Back Rollers

Back rollers help to smooth out imperfections in the surface and ensure an even coat. This can leave the surface looking appealing and without bumps.

Apply Two Coats

Applying two coats of asphalt sealer is always better than one. This is true because two coats can give you a thicker coat that will last longer and provide better protection.

Clean Up Properly Afterwards

Thoroughly clean your tools and equipment when you're finished so that they're ready to go for next time. This is also a proper way to ensure your tools last longer since dirt and debris will not stick to them.

Sealcoating is an important part of maintaining your pavement, but it can be time-consuming. By following these five tips, you can make your asphalt seal coating more efficient so that you can get the job done quickly and effectively.