Need Sealcoating? Why Schedule Your Appointment For Daylight Hours

3 January 2023
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If your commercial parking lot needs sealcoating, take care with the scheduling. You might think you're better off scheduling an overnight appointment. After all, your parking lot will be empty overnight. That means you can avoid disruption to your business. But, overnight sealcoating can cause problems that you might not have considered. 

In fact, it could cause even more disruptions for you. To ensure quality results, you should have your parking lot sealcoated during the day. If you're still not sure when to schedule your appointment for sealcoating, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to have your parking lot sealcoated during the day. 

Ensure Long-Lasting Sealcoat

If you want to have your parking lot sealcoated overnight, you need to think about longevity. One problem with overnight sealcoating is the application might not last as long. Unfortunately, that means you'll need to schedule another application sooner than expected. To ensure long-lasting results, have your parking lot sealcoated during the day. 

Allow Adequate Curing Time

When you have your parking lot sealcoated, you need to provide adequate curing time. Sealcoating needs several uninterrupted hours to cure properly. But, it also needs several hours of sunlight for proper curing.

Without sunlight, sealcoating can stay soft. That means your parking lot won't get the protection it needs against damage. Avoid issues with curing times. Be sure, to schedule a daytime appointment to have your parking lot sealcoated. 

Avoid Temperature Issues

If you've decided on an evening appointment for your parking lot sealcoating, it's time to think about the temperatures. Temperatures tend to stay more consistent throughout the day. That's not the case with overnight temperatures. Overnight temperatures can dip into the freezing range, especially during the winter.

Unfortunately, freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on new sealcoating. But, so can the frost and condensation that develops overnight. Avoid the risks associated with temperature issues. Choose a daylight application for your sealcoating. 

Save Time and Money

If you're trying to save time and money on your sealcoating, schedule the application during the day. Most sealcoat contractors schedule appointments during business hours. That means you might end up paying more for an overnight application. Plus, you could have a hard time finding a contractor for an overnight application. The best way to save time and money is to have your parking lot sealcoated during normal daylight hours. 

Don't take chances with your sealcoating. Choose a daylight application, and ensure quality results. 

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