Keep Your Playground Safe With Regular Asphalt Sealcoating

20 April 2023
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Do you manage a local park that uses asphalt to create a play area for kids? Maybe in addition to an asphalt lot, there are various asphalt pathways and a parking lot as well? You may already be signed up for an annual sealcoating for your parking lot or certain pathways, but don't forget to provide regular maintenance and care for the kids as well. Here's why a fresh seal coat or additional asphalt for the children's playground from a local asphalt paving business is a good idea.

Save Your Town Money Over Time

Your town or city likely has a limited budget for maintaining the local park or children's playground. You already invested a bit of your funds into putting asphalt into place for the kids. Maybe there's now a basketball court or just a smooth playing surface where you could install a swing set or other children's activities. If you let the asphalt fall into disarray, you are going to need to replace it sooner rather than later and that's going to eat into your budget eventually. Asphalt seal coating is much more cost-effective. Pay a little compared to a lot to keep those cracks from expanding. You'll save your town or city money over time with regular maintenance.

Cracks Could Be Dangerous for the Kids

Step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back, right? That's hopefully not a saying you'll want too many kids saying at the playground that you manage. A large crack in an asphalt playing surface could prove to be a tripping hazard. Kids can be reckless as they run back and forth and might not step over the imperfection in the asphalt as they run. You don't want a kid to suddenly fall on his or her face because the paved play area has deteriorated.

Avoid an Eyesore

You hopefully take pride in managing your local park or playground and you'd like to retain the picture-perfect views you put on the county website or the local brochure. A paved lot or play area that has seen better days is not going to give off the impression you want. If the lot looks especially bad, parents might not let their kids play there at all.

Create a New Playing Surface

If you are looking to expand your playground, you can use a local asphalt paving business for that too. Put down some fresh asphalt in a new area and create a tennis court or install more things for the kids to play on. 

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