About Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

11 July 2023
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Commercial asphalt paving jobs can involve the construction, repair, and maintenance of asphalt on commercial properties. Commercial asphalt paving services have the proper equipment and expertise to handle the larger projects and more complex situations that commercial jobs often entail. This article will go over some of the common services offered by commercial asphalt paving companies. 

New construction projects

New construction projects can include the building of an all-new commercial complex or they can relate to the addition of commercial property, including more landscaping and the expansion of the parking lot. No matter what the new construction project is, commercial asphalt paving contractors can help with the necessary paving needs. They can handle the site prep, grading, and proper installation of an asphalt surface that meets the needs and requirements of the specific job. 

Asphalt resurfacing

Asphalt is durable, but even it will eventually deteriorate over time as the sun beats down on it each day and it experiences the heavy use of everyday traffic. Also, there are rain, hail, snow, oils, gasoline, and chemicals that all end up on the asphalt surface. When it starts to look as if it needs attention, then the commercial asphalt paving service can resurface it. This process will help to restore the asphalt's appearance, functionality, structural integrity, and lifespan. 

Asphalt repairs

Commercial asphalt can take on an excessive amount of wear as semi trucks drive and park every day. Also, heavy equipment can add to the wear it experiences each day. Over time, all the wear and tear will start to show itself in the form of small cracks, potholes, and more. When you start noticing any minor damage to the asphalt, you want to have it repaired as soon as possible. Minor damage can quickly turn into major damage. When the situation gets worse, it will mean the repairs can cost you much more, and you may have to be without that portion of the driveway longer. The commercial asphalt paving service can quickly and efficiently take care of repairs for you, so the surface will look better and be free of any troubling areas. 

Asphalt line striping

It's critical to have line striping that's easy to see so you can offer visitors and employees a safer place to park and walk through. If the striping has become hard to see, then you can have the commercial asphalt paving service come out and re-stripe the parking lot for you. 

Asphalt sealcoating

You can be proactive when it comes to the care of your commercial parking lot. By having the commercial paving service come out periodically to sealcoat the surface, you can help it look better and last much longer before it needs any repairs.